What is Autspace?

Autspace is an annual retreat by and for autistic people, put together by the Association for Autistic Community. Our goals are to build community, celebrate autistic culture, and just have fun. We have presentations on subjects of interest to autistic people, but no events are required except for orientation. And we always have lots of stim toys!

Are you the same thing as Autreat?

No. Although Autspace is inspired by many of the traditions that began at Autreat (which was organized by Autism Network International), we are a separate organization.

Are you the same thing as Autscape?

No. Autscape is an autistic retreat in the United Kingdom, while we are based in the United States. We strongly encourage people to check out Autscape if they’re interested!

When is Autspace 2019?

Autspace 2019 will be held from August 15-18, 2019.

Where is Autspace 2019?

The event will be held in Ortonville, Michigan, at Butzel Retreat Center.

How can I get to Autspace?

Participants who fly into Detroit Metro Airport will have the option of taking a shuttle to the venue, at an additional cost. You can also drive yourself. Parking is free.

If those options don’t work for you, we can try and help you find a carpool. Amtrak service to nearby locations is also available.

Are you a nonprofit organization?

Yes. We are registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Are scholarships available to Autspace?

Yes. We are typically able to offer scholarships to a few attendees. In addition, our prices are based on two different income brackets: low-income and fully-employed income. Registrants are not required to provide proof of income to apply for a scholarship or register for the low income rate.

Information about scholarships will be posted a few months prior to the event.

Are non-autistic people welcome at Autspace?

Yes! As long as you are willing to respect the people and norms at Autspace, we welcome all participants.

Are children welcome at Autspace?

Yes! Please be advised that we do not provide childcare services, but you’re welcome to bring children.

Can I attend Autspace as a minor?

Older minors (ages 16-17) may attend with the permission of their parent or guardian.

I have a support person who helps me out. Can I bring them to Autspace?

Yes. Support people can register at the low-income rate (regardless of your income).

I’m an AAC user. Can I attend?

Yes. All people with disabilities are welcome at Autspace, and we do our best to provide accommodations.

I want to present at Autspace. How can I do that?

Be on the lookout for our call for presentations.

I’m part of a company and we’re interested in sponsoring Autspace. How do we do that?

Please see our sponsorship page for more information.

I’m a journalist/filmmaker and I want to attend Autspace for a project I’m doing. Can I?

Possibly. We do allow journalists to attend, but ask that they submit a proposal and agree to follow our guidelines regarding attendee privacy. Please contact us to let us know about your specific project.