AACC 2014 Presentations

We are excited to announce the following presentations for our 2014 conference!

  • Artistic expression as way to communicate and live a happy life
    (Brigid Rankowski)
  • The Bucket List I: Improving Authentic Communication and Social Relationships
    (Barbara Delsack)
  • The Bucket List II: Improving Motor Skills and Preventing Bullying
    (Barbara Delsack and Evan Delsack)
  • “Don’t touch me there”: Intimacy for Autistic Abuse Survivors
    (Joel Smith)
  • Emotional Power Dynamics and Manipulation Techniques
    (Ruti Regan)
  • Strategies for Anti-Violence Organizing: Where Racial Justice and Disability Rights Collide
    (Lydia Brown)
  • Teaching to Neurological Difference: Including Autistic Students in General Education Settings Using a Strengths-Based Approach
    (Ariel Caspe-detzer)

We’ll have more information about these presentations as we near the conference.  We want to thank our presenters for their hard work as they get ready for their presentations!

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