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Information about Past Conferences – 2014

Why would you want to attend AACC 2014, the Association for Autistic Community’s 2014 Conference?

  • Autistic people are the primary focus of the conference.  While parents, support staff, and others are welcome and can learn a lot, the conference is put on by autistic people for autistic people.  There is no “autistic track” or parallel conference – autistic people are the focus.
  • Spend time with other autistic people!
  • Enjoy some great presentations
  • Be in an environment where being autistic is not only accepted but celebrated
  • Color communication badges!
  • Since the organizers are also autistic, we try to accommodate common autistic sensory and social needs – no clapping, presentations without fluorescent lighting, no-scent policy.
  • Great opportunity to just see autistic community in action.
  • Focus is not on cure, but on ways of living as autistic people, advocacy for ourselves, and having fun together.
  • This is not a day program or highly structured event – you can attend presentations and activities or skip them. You can find a few other people and do your own thing. You can sleep in or stay up late. Or you can go to bed early and rise early to not miss any of the presentations!

Held Monday, July 28, 2014 Evening through Friday, Aug 1, 2014 Noon at the California University of Pennsylvania in California, PA, USA.  (This is in the STATE of Pennsylvania – they have a very confusingly named city named California, which is where the conferce will be held).


You can get more information here, including fees and frequently asked questions.

How Does Registration Work?

For each person attending, visit THIS REGISTRATION PAGE and fill out your information. You will receive an email a few days after you submit your information (the people who get your information are autistic so it will take a few days!) with information on how to pay via Paypal (US funds only) or check (US funds only).  After we get your payment, we will send you information about the where on the campus the event will be held, along with some packing advice, schedule, and other logistical information. If you’re sharing a room, we’ll also match you up with a roommate during this time.

We look forward to seeing you at our event!

AACC 2014 Presentations

We are excited to announce the following presentations for our 2014 conference!

  • Artistic expression as way to communicate and live a happy life
    (Brigid Rankowski)
  • The Bucket List I: Improving Authentic Communication and Social Relationships
    (Barbara Delsack)
  • The Bucket List II: Improving Motor Skills and Preventing Bullying
    (Barbara Delsack and Evan Delsack)
  • “Don’t touch me there”: Intimacy for Autistic Abuse Survivors
    (Joel Smith)
  • Emotional Power Dynamics and Manipulation Techniques
    (Ruti Regan)
  • Strategies for Anti-Violence Organizing: Where Racial Justice and Disability Rights Collide
    (Lydia Brown)
  • Teaching to Neurological Difference: Including Autistic Students in General Education Settings Using a Strengths-Based Approach
    (Ariel Caspe-detzer)

We’ll have more information about these presentations as we near the conference.  We want to thank our presenters for their hard work as they get ready for their presentations!